Free VPN 2018

Why you should use a VPN 2018:

Streaming is fun. But it can also be dangerous if you don’t protect your privacy. While you are streaming or surfing on the Internet you are exposed to the whole world: government agencies, your Internet Service Provider, companies, hackers etc. They are spying on you all the time. They try to identify you, make money with your personal information or steal your online identity.

But if you use SpyOFF VPN you will be able to change your IP address and encrypt your traffic. You will become anonymous and safe.

Free VPN


Bad news: Your browser´s incognito mode does not protect you, at all! Your privacy is at risk as soon as you go online without VPN. Every activity can be matched to your IP-address. SpyOFF hides your online identity from spies and hackers. Protect your privacy with one click and feel safe again!

Whether you are at home or on the go, every time you access websites without a VPN you are leaving traces. These traces can get tracked back to you and affect your anonymity. A private internet browser can’t offer you full anonymity and therefore does not protect you. Even with the so-called private browsing function of your web browser, you are anything but anonymous. Your IP address still reveals your real identity and threatens your privacy. With SpyOFF VPN you can change your IP with just one click. By that you can surf the internet totally anonymous and no-one will ever be able to track your online activities.

Your privacy is safe, because you are surfing encrypted with an IP address from the SpyOFF VPN server network. For your safety, we do not record any usage data or connection logs. So it is not possible to track your online activity even on a free WIFI while you are using SpyOFF VPN.

Free VPN


You leave traces online – everyday. Third parties like hackers and spies take advantage of that and earn money with it. Time to take back control! With SpyOFF your data traffic is fully encrypted, no chance for nasty data thieves!

No matter if you are surfing at home or using public Wi-Fi. You are always at risk. Many third parties try to steal your personal data. Their motivation is to earn money by spying on every aspect of your online activity and selling this information. SpyOFF VPN is a one-click tool to protect yourself and stay anonymous.

Connecting to one of our SpyOFF servers does not just change your IP address. Our VPN also encrypts your entire data traffic. Thus it is not possible for anyone to spy on your personal data. SpyOFF locks out hackers, internet service providers, companies etc.


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